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Beau Site Restaurant

Viaduc de Garabit 15320 LOUBARESSE - VAL D'ARCOMIE
  +33(0)4 71 23 41 46 See the menus
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La carte

Our starters

Melon soup with mint sorbet € 12.00
Grandmother’s omelette € 12.00
“Meurette” poached eggs € 13.50
Red wine sauce, mushrooms, and garlic croutons

Small crispy salad € 13.50
cantal ,tome cheese breaded and fried

Local ham and sausage platter € 14.90
Cured ham, home-made terrine, salami, head cheese

Home-made foie gras €19.00
Onion jam and blackcurrant sorbet

Giant praw fly in herbs € 24.00
Citrus juice

Our mains

Aubrac steak €19.00
Choice of sauces: blue cheese or herb butter or shallots

Perch fillet with diced mushrooms €19.00
Citrus sauce

Pan-fried John Dory fillet € 24.00
Tropical sauce and risotto

Pork filet with local honey and tumeric sauce €17.00

Chicken fillet €18.00
Lemon sauce

Fillet Aubrac beef € 24.00
Choice of sauces: morels, blue cheese or shallots

Pan-fried sweetbread fillet € 24.00
Morel sauce

Veal kidneys (muscat wine sauce) €22.00

Our desserts

Regional cheese assortment €7.00

Fromage blanc with fruit sauce €5.20

Artisanal ice cream assortment (3 scoops) € 6.00
Ice cream: vanilla, coffee, coconut, strawberry, iced nougat parfait
Sorbet: lime, blackcurrant, chocolate, mint or verveine

Mascarpone filled Garabit cornet with red fruits € 6.90

Revisited pineapple with vanilla ice cream € 6.90

Authentic Beau Site "Cèpe” €6.90
(vanilla ice cream, meringue, chocolate sauce, whipped cream)

Today’s dessert €6.50

Sponge cake “Baba” made with local Verveine liqueur * € 7.90

Coffee, tea, or herb tea with Selection of mini dessert * € 9.50

Auvergne-style “Colonel” iced dessert * € 9.50
(lemon sorbet and Verveine liqueur from Velay)

* € 5 when included in the REGIONAL SPECIALTIES MENU

Picture Gallery

Restaurant opening hours

from 12:00 to 13:30 and 19:00 to 20:30